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XFone 2023 - Linux Phone
SageTea EDGE

Experience the ultimate Linux phone journey.

Unleash the extraordinary potential of SageTea Edge created by XFone Mobile, the groundbreaking smartphone equipped with Ubuntu Touch Linux and advanced 5G functionalities.

Ubuntu Touch

6 GB Ram


64 MP

4300 mAh

It all starts here Linux Phone
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Unprecedented Linux phone experience

Explore a vast collection of free Linux apps on Open Store, along with seamless compatibility for running all your Android apps through Waydroid.

Secure Privacy with Anbox and Linux Phone

Benefit from enhanced data security and privacy with Linux and Anbox. Take control of your shared information and personal privacy preferences.

User-Friendly Linux Phone Experience

Effortlessly connect a mouse and keyboard to your Linux phone through USB-C, thanks to a seamless and user-friendly interface.

Multitasking on a Linux Phone

SageTea Edge revolutionizes the mobile phone industry by being the pioneering full computer in a phone. Specifically engineered for passionate Linux enthusiasts, coders, tech professionals, engineers, IT experts, and security specialists, this bare-metal rooted mobile phone sets a new standard.

Over-the-Air Updates for Linux Phone

Our dedicated team is tirelessly enhancing performance and resolving bugs to provide you with the most up-to-date and stable release for an optimized user experience.

Convergence on a Linux Phone

Transform your phone into a portable desktop by connecting it to an external monitor. Experience the versatility of a traditional computer, enabling you to accomplish any task with ease.

Community-Driven Linux Phone Experience

We prioritize investing in open-source projects and actively collaborate with partners and the community to foster advancements in both hardware and software domains.

A Unique Edge in Linux Phone

Experience the exclusive capability of running both Linux and Android concurrently on a single phone - a feat unmatched by any other device in the world.

Exquisite exterior, fortified interior: Introducing the Linux Phone, combining beauty with robust security.

SIM card customization required. Edge web services cater to mobile businesses with Lite, Pro, and Enterprise editions.

XFone - linux phone XFone for Engineering

SageTea Edge for Engineering

SageTea Edge, engineered with utmost security in mind, is purpose-built for deployment in high-security fields and facilities.

New XFone model better linux phone

SageTea Edge - New Model for 2023

Re-coded One Plus Nord10 5G coming soon. You can pre-order yours now by clicking the link Pre-Order

xfone for offshore linux phone

SageTea Edge for Offshore

With its remarkable computing power, SageTea Edge proves to be an ideal choice for marine researchers and offshore platforms, enabling advanced computational capabilities in these specialized environments.

XFone 2023 - Linux Phone

The cellular computer

SageTea Edge - Unleash the Power

Re-coded One Plus Nord10 5G



We are based in Florida. We do ship worldwide. International shipments may be subject to customs processing and additional charges.


SageTea Edge created by XFone Mobile provides a comprehensive warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, ensuring peace of mind when using our devices under normal operational conditions. Please review the details of our warranty program before making your purchase. Rest assured, the warranty is automatically included with your purchase, with a monthly fee of $9.99.


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